Friday, March 6, 2009


1- Relax during meals
Don't rush while eating.
Eating in a relax way
promotes better digestion

2- Eat slowly
digestion begins in your mouth
chewing your food well helps your body
absorb nutrient better.

3- Limit portion
Overeating can tax your digestive
system. Try eating smaller meal more frequently.

4- Get a mini workout
skip the lifts and used he stair instead
for a good cardio workout. It burns up
to 5 calories each minute

5- Go shopping
All that walking will help you burn
up to 174 calories per hour..

6- Radiate with beauty
exfoliate and renew your skin by mixing
baking soda with water. It makes a great
natural facial scrub

7- Dance everyday
Every morning turn on the stereo
and get energised for the day with a short
dance session in your living room. You'll
break a sweat and burn a few calories.

8- Tone and tighten around the house
Try calf raises while you iron, leg lifts when you
washing dishes and deep squts and lunges
while tending the garden

I like no.5..hoho..xdpt shopping, window shopping pon aku xkesah..suke sgt!!!nk wat pengakuan kat sini..actually,almost every week aku gi midvalley..i love that place..pegi xbeli ape2 pon..
mmg totally window shopping...huhuhu..singgah midvaley sblom pegi umah kak ngah..sbb tu la aku slalu lmbt..hehe..sorry, kak ngah..

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